Program Guide

Mindfulness and other life improving programs.


Never tried mindfulness but would like to? Or would like to refresh

  • Mindfulness Essentials – This is the best class to start with.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness – A quick start for newcomers.

See also: New to Mindfulness

Continuing Learning

Continue learning and practicing is essential for both beginners and experienced.

  • Meditation & Talk - weekly session for continuing learning and practice.

  • Mindfulness Essentials – will benefit both beginners and non-beginners who haven’t attended this class.

  • Mindfulness for a Better Life – new ways to deal with life's challenges and better ways to live.

  • Meditation Retreat (A Day of Meditation) – learn new and deep practice. Recommended monthly.

  • Mindfulness of Breathing

  • Mindfulness and Insight

  • Thriving in Difficult Times- a new way to deal with life's challenges and a better way to live in difficult times.

  • Mindfulness Talk – continuing learning in an informal setting.

  • Nature Walk– practice recommended each week

  • Individual lessons – learn one-on-one with the teacher.

More Learning

For those who wish to learn more about mindfulness (or deepen practice).

  • New Direction

  • Mindfulness in Nature

  • Mindful Qigong (Level 2-4) – deepen your practice. Complement to formal mindfulness practice.

  • Mindful Eating – It is among the easiest and most enjoyable mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness Advanced Level

  • Individual Lessons – learn based on your skill levels and interests.

  • More continuing learning – continuing learning events including upcoming and past.

  • Intensive Meditation Practice Guide

There are more learning events and opportunities that are not posted on website. For other learning events and opportunities, come and ask Sung.